FORM Arcosanti X Phoenix General

FORM Arcosanti was out of this world. The event took place on May 11, 12, and 13, 2018 this year and you could find the Phoenix General crew tucked in THE LAB for this year's iteration of The Form General Store, which was a central shop hub for festival merchandise, local jewelry, clothing, bobbles, art, and other essential odds & ends.

If you have never been, FORM is unmistakenly unlike any other festival you have ever been to. Aside from its location in the otherworldly, desert eco-city of Arcosanti, Arizona, the event is grounded in the ideals of its founders which manifests a deeper sense of personal connection, creative inspiration, community, and collaboration. It was the most intimate festival experience I've ever had while witnessing the work of such well-established musicians. FORM was created by the band Hundred Waters & co-founders after performing at major music festivals globally in 2013. At its heart, the festival is 3 days & nights of live music, talks/panels, workshops, experiential art, screenings, new technologies, outdoor/wellness activities, and more. Over 5000 people have participated FORM Arcosanti over the past 4 years, including artists like Solange, James Blake, Father John Misty, & Skrillex, cultural partners like Saint Heron, Pathways to Paris, Planned Parenthood & Neuehouse, and local Phoenix partners like Palabra Collective, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Fortoul Brothers, and dozens of local and international artists.

Seeing musicians we love and admire play in such a raw setting was amazing. Also, seeing Phoenix-based artists present a solid and standout performance was incredible as well. Palabra Collective's performance MANO was stark and gorgeous, Patricia Sannit's YOU ARE HOME performance and installation felt like home yet seamlessly integrated into Arcosanti like it had always been there, and the Phoenix Art Museum and Lani Hudson curated a wide variety of performance and installation artists while also creating the perfect bridge of hospitality at the Festival to enable a smooth and successful first year for us. (Thank you again Lani!)

The General Store was stocked with a curated selection of clothing, art, and goods from Phoenix General as well as branded merchandise from the festival and some of the performing artists. Phoenix General featured some of its favorites, such as Ace&Jig, Jungmaven, and Levi’s as well as local participating artist Patricia Sannit’s porcelain jewelry, Alex Ozer’s textured metal jewelry, Ben Rios’ copper Native American jewelry, Plinth Pillows, Framed Ewe shades, resident Arcosanti artist Jona Maaryn’s iconic powder-coated horseshoes and more. You could also pick up screen-printed band shirts, bandannas, posters, and necessities like sunblock, tents and sleeping bags made available by the FORM team. 

FORM’s ongoing mission is to inspire progress through creative and inclusive community experiences aligns well with the mission and vision of Phoenix General so, needless to say, we felt right at home in the creative explosion that is FORM. In its wake, our hearts and heads are filled with inspiration. Thank you FORM! 'Till next year! 

About Arcosanti, Arizona:

Arcosanti broke ground in 1970 and continues to be developed as a non-profit experiential learning center and pedestrian-centric demonstration of the alternatives to urban sprawl. The architecture of Arcosanti physically expresses principles of Arcology, which combines Architecture and Ecology. Built by over 8,000 students & volunteers as a prototype, Arcosanti seeks to redefine a new urban form that is compact, pedestrian, and car-less. The eco-city consists of various mixed-use buildings and public spaces where people live, work, visit, and participate in educational and cultural programs. Arcosanti attracts many who are interested in architecture, art, and urban planning, but it is also attractive to those interested in sociology, science, agriculture, and other fields exploring how more than 8 billion of us will live on this planet. It is a modern-day treasure for the state of Arizona and we hope to see the vision, ideals, and intention inspire change in future development in our state and across the globe. 


Watch these videos from day 2 and 3: 

Day 3 #formarcosanti

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Special thanks to our partners!

Ace & Jig  Jungmaven Organic Hemp & Cotton Clothing  Levi's  

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