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Taylor Crockett of Ivol Shop


Ivol Shop is brightening homes with unique, curated vintage and handcrafted products. 

Whether she’s curating vintage furniture and objects or creating contemporary paper-clay housewares and textiles, local artist Taylor Crockett is inspiring others to have fun with their interior.

When the pandemic left her housebound, the Phoenix-based designer saw an opportunity to craft herself a new future. With more time to experiment with paper clay and create items for the house the inspiration for Ivol Shop was born and what was once her studio for large-scale  installation work became a shop.

Crockett describes Ivol as a mash up of vintage and small batch housewares. The shop is thoughtfully curated, from vintage home goods and furniture, to handcrafted ceramics and housewares. 

Ivol Shop | Handmade Paper Mirror

“The process of learning a new skill or playing with a material in an innovative way really excites me,” she said.

For now, she mostly works from a small studio at home, but Crockett has ambitious plans for her studio in the future. 

She dreams of expanding to a larger space that accommodates several artists and possibly opening it up to a residency program. She’d like the community to feel some sense of ownership in her brand. 

 “I want it to be more than a housewares shop,” she said, “I'd like it to be a place of inspiration.”


Ivol Studio is now available to shop at a new capsule shop in Phoenix General’s downtown location. 214 E. Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85013


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