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Artist & Clothing Designer Francisco Diaz

Francisco Diaz started sewing as a way to make gender-neutral clothing without the limitations of what could be found at clothing stores.

Diaz grew up thrift shopping with their mom on weekends, looking through racks of unique pieces that weren't available at the mall. Diaz was inspired by the many possibilities for upcycled clothing, which eventually led to them experimenting with clothes making. 

“History, signs of wear and imperfections are sacred to me and inspire me to reimagine what they can become - to breathe a new life into something discarded,” Diaz said.

After having difficulty finding second-hand gender neutral items for themself, Diaz began sewing in 2019. They started cutting up curtains and T-shirts to make dresses and eventually began sewing things for others. 

Diaz now has a small studio in Phoenix where they make boutique clothing out of 100% upcycled materials; all of their pieces start with a second-hand article of clothing or textile. 

For Diaz, there is always room to learn and be inspired by the community of artists around them. Hence why they are currently trying to reimagine their studio space as a 100% queer-owned and operated space, with pieces for sale by queer creators in the valley and beyond.  

“Phoenix's art and design scene is one of a kind,” they said. “We have a small but mighty force of innovators, makers and artists that are truly rewriting the arts and cultural scene here in the desert.” 

As for future plans, Diaz would love their brand to stay local and continue to grow slowly here in the desert. 

“We're creating art and fashion for one of the most unique climates in the nation and the future is looking bright!”

Join us for the launch of Francisco Diaz’s capsule collection "Paradise Lost" from 6-8pm on July 29, 2022 at Phoenix General Store, Downtown. 

IG: @ciscosews

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