Shortcut Gallery

Shortcut Gallery is the creative center and beating heart of Phoenix General & Framed Ewe Optical. This cozy, contemporary gallery space highlights the work of artists from all over the world and displays various media and forms of work including 2-D, 3-D, video, audio, installation, performance, as well as fosters collaboration with artists in the creation of wearable fashion & accessories. Shortcut rotates shows on a monthly basis and typically schedules its openings around Third Thursdays. We fondly started referring to the gallery as "Shortcut Gallery" because it is located inside a hallway that cuts through the building and connects the stores & restaurants on the East side of the building to the large parking lot located on the west side of the building. Please feel free to cut on through, escape the Phoenix heat, and witness some of the best artwork around.   

Andy Brown soldierleisure art opening Shortcut Gallery Phoenix General & Framed Ewe

Andrew Brown soldierleisure
"Time & Space"
September 18, 2016

Eye Lounge Group Show

Eye Lounge Collective Group Show
October 21, 2016
Malena Barnhart | Cherie Buck-Hutchison | Ashley Czajkowski | Keith Laber | Constance McBride | John Randall Nelson | Ellen Nemetz | Kim Sweet | Danielle Wood

Kelsey Dake Opening

Kelsey Dake
A Color Study: Monkeys
December 1, 2016

 Nancy Miiller Opening

Nancy Miiller
"Architectural Reflections"
January 13, 2017

Matt Magee Art Opening

Matt Magee
Photographs 1981-2014
February 16, 2017

 Faith Christiansen Smeets & Michelle Nunes Art Opening Phoenix General Shortcut Gallery

Faith Christiansen SmeetsMichelle Nunes
"At Play"
March 30, 2017


Carrie Marill | punkwasp 
"Here's The Thing" 
May 5, 2017

Casey Christiansen

Casey Christiansen
No Title
May 25, 2017


Charis Elliot
"Liminal Guide"
July 7, 2017

Abbey Messmer
August, 2017



Dani Kump
September, 2017

Charlie Welch
October, 2017